A clicker is a blade or wire device fitted to the riser, positioned to drop off the arrow when the archer has reached optimum draw length. Used correctly, this ensures the same cast-force each time. The arrow is placed under the clicker - between the clicker and the riser, so that at full draw, the arrow point will be pulled from under the clicker. The clicker will then snap back against the riser making an audible "click" sound. This sound and the slight vibration it causes in the riser, tells the archer that the bowstring has been pulled back the proper distance for consistent arrow speed. We carry all leading brands such as Beiter, Cartel, Cavalier, Arizona, Win & Win and many more so you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to call Archery World!

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Decut Clicker
An incredibly popular and reliable screw on clicker from Decut. Includes screws to suit M4 and 6/..
Cartel Clicker
Great entry level clicker. ..
SF Clicker
This excellent SF mechanical clicker uses a plastic tip to eliminate all friction on the arrow, c..
Beiter Clicker
The Beiter Clicker has been used and appreciated since its introduction, thanks to the fact that ..
Beiter Clicker BLACK Blade
The Beiter Clicker has been used and appreciated since its introduction, thanks to the fact that ..
Cartel Magnetic Clicker (No Extender Required)
Cartel Magnetic Clicker, stainless steel spring, fits any bow. ..
Cavalier Magnetic Clicker
Product ID=101171 The "Cavalier Clicker" incorporates our dual magnet system into a clicker ..
Cavalier Adjustable Clicker (No Extender Requiried)
This new Adjustable Magnetic Clicker fits under the sight mounting block, and is easily adjustabl..
Arizona Gold Micro Clicker
The Gold Micro Clicker from AAE is the only micro adjustable clicker available. Designed by D..
2 x 3/4" sight screws
These longer screws are perfect for mounting magnetic clickers behind sight blocks. ..
Beiter Clicker Spare Cap
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