Compound Sights

The higher draw weights and ever increasing arrow speeds of compound bows require sights built to withstand the extra shock and vibrations. As a result, compound target sights are generally heavier than their recurve target sight cousins, with bigger threads and chunkier components. There also Compact sights, usually fitted with 3 or 5 fibre optic pins. Although these sights are adjustable, they are not designed to be constantly adjusted like the compound target sights. Rather, each pin is adjusted to a fixed distance (typically 20, 30, 40, 50 metres) and everything in-between is for the archer to judge.

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Decut Compound Sight
Scope is not included This compound sight from Decut closely follows their hugely successful ..
Sure Loc Challenger Compound Sight
The lightweight Challenger features a dependable vertical locking mechanism that is easy to use. ..
Shibuya Ultima 520-9 CPX Compound Alloy Sight
Shibuya's innovative Tria-Lock system keeps the scope rod approx. 1/2" closer to the elevation ba..
Shibuya Ultima 520-9 CPX Compound Carbon Sight
The new Ultima CPX range builds on the podium winning performance of the Ultima CP. The Scope..
Axcel Sight AX4500 9
The Axcel Sights from the makers of T.R.U. Ball Release. Featuring a Removable scope block with e..
Sure Loc Supreme 550 Compound Sight
The SURE-LOC® SUPREME sight is the lightest, strongest, and most accurate sighting system for the..
Sure-Loc Sight Icon X 550
**Scope Not Included** SURE-LOC has created the world's first sight that puts both you and th..
Hoyt/Fuse Sight Light
The FUSE LED Sight Lite mounts directly to the top of the sight housing, casting a tremendous amo..
PL Viper 3 Pin Fibre Bowsight
Great entry level 3 Pin Fibre Bowsight. RH Bow Only ..
TruGlo Sight TSX Pro 3-Pin .019 Black
Based on the original Award Winning TRU-SITE XTREME Series. Unique stainless steel tube pin des..
PSE Sight Eclipse
The PSE Eclipse is built with a one piece machined housing and has many features other sights d..
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