Fred Bear Biography

Fred Bear Biography

A historic perspective of the life that has had a lasting impression on the world of archery. Fred Bears skill and passion for the outdoors inspired him to create a legacy of success and great adventure. In Fred Bear: The Biography of an Outdoorsman, Bears son-in-law, Charles Kroll captures the story of Fred Bears life. Learn about his adventures in the great outdoors, his passion for archery and bow hunting, and how he started Bear Archery. Relive the early struggles, how Fred, as a daring young man followed his archery and bowhunting passion to eventually become an archery legend with the successful Bear Archery. No traditional archery library is complete without this title!If Fred Bear had been born a hundred years earlier, he might have been one of the mountain men scouting the Rockies on hunting and trapping expeditions. He could have been one of Jim Bridger's or Kit Carson's men, or, more likely, he might have crossed the Cumberland Gap with Daniel Boone. If he'd been born in Quebec in the early days, he would have been a voyager roaming the Great Lakes, the Mississippi and the Northwest Territories. He was born too late for all that, but not for pioneering in a field that he himself did much to establish. In moving to the peak of success in his vocation and avocation, this shy farm boy became part of the great American tradition of free enterprise and the self-made man. Dedicated to all who appreciate the Earth's creatures and enjoy the great outdoors. Featuring 360 pages and 243 historic photos, Fred Bear: The Biography of an Outdoorsman makes a great gift for any archery or outdoor enthusiast!

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