Simple Maintenance for Archery - 2nd Edition

Simple Maintenance for Archery - 2nd Edition
  • Arrows
  • Chpt 1.Intalling and Replacing Nocks
  • Chpt 2.Fletching Arrows
  • Chpt 3.Cutting Arrows
  • Chpt 4.Installing and Replacing Points
  • Chpt 5.Checking Arrows
  • Strings
  • Chpt 6.Starting and Finishing Servings
  • Chpt 7.Replacing a Center Serving
  • Chpt 8.Adding a Loop to Compound Serving
  • Chpt 9.Serving On a Nock Point
  • Chpt 10.Making the Nocking Point Fit the Nock
  • Chpt 11.Installing a Peep Sight
  • Chpt 12.Installing a Kisser Button
  • Chpt 13.Waxing the String
  • Sights
  • Chpt 14.Getting More Distance on the Sight Bar
  • Chpt 15.Aligning the Sight Bar to the String
  • Chpt 16.Levelling the Scope Level
  • Chpt 17.Centering the Sight Pin
  • Chpt 18.Changing A Sight Pin without losing the Windage
  • Chpt 19. Changing a Sight without losing the Distance Marks
  • Chpt 20. Matching Centreshot of two plungers
  • Chpt 21. Matching spring tension of two plungers

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