AW Archers Essentials Kit

AW Archers Essentials Kit

Brand: AW.
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The Archers Essentials kit features key accessories that are great to have on hand when shooting and tuning your bow.

This Kit includes -

  • Fivics Training Band - Perfect for muscle building and pre-shooting warmup
  • SF Finger Sling - A key accessory for all archers, to ensure you never drop your bow while shooting.
  • Alloy Bracing Guage - An exellent addition to your arsenal, perfect for making fine adjustments to your bracing height, tiller and nocking points.
  • String Wax - Keep your strings well waxed and in good condition for longer, a must need.
  • Flex Arrow Puller - A handy accessory to make pulling your arrows from the target as easy as possible.

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