Stanislawski Shoot Off - 3 & 4 Finger

Special Order Stanislawski Shoot Off - 3 & 4 Finger

The Shootoff! and the SX2 employ the same silkpathTM searing mechanism but offer different handle types to suit different preferences. Both are made with STAN's proprietary ErgoFitTM and MPT2 knob technologies offering a fit and feel of comfort and customization like no other on the market.

The primary difference between the SX2 and Shootoff!) handles is the overall sweep of the fingers from index to pinky. The SX2 is relatively straight across offering more leverage while the Shootoff! sweeps down for a tighter feel. in addition, the three finger versions of the two releases differ in that the Shootoff! offers a "half finger" aiding the archer in positioning the pinky without requiring full on contact whereas the SX2 has no such provision. Lastly, the SX2 comes with a rope allowing the archer to forego the use of a d-loop.

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