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Arctec pro-XXL Stabilizer Long For Compound
High perfromance stabiliasation from Arctec of Germany. Pro-XXL stablisers are among the stiffest..
From £139.00
Avalon Tec X Carbon Long Rod
The Avalon Tec X stabiliser is an excellent carbon long rod at a great price point, with an inclu..
From £53.50
Shrewd Revel Carbon Longrod
Long target stabilizer from Shrewd. Key features: Super thin diameter combined with m..
From £188.00
Arc Tec Crosstube Carbon Long Rod For Recurve
Features Arctec Crosstube stabilizers: Three carbon layers using cross development techno..
From £114.00
Fuse Carbon Blade Rod
Carbon Blade is the most advanced stabilizer ever. FUSE engineers solved the inherent de-stab..
From £132.00
SF Elite Carbon Long Rod
Designed to minimize wind resistance Includes damper and end weights Lighweight, performs..
From £99.00
SF Ultimate Long Rod
The Ultimate Pro stabilizers line uses a new carbon shaft that optimizes the absorption of bow vi..
From £48.95
Cartel Balkan Multi Rod
Cartel Balkan stabiliser is made from high quality aluminium carbon, featuring four multi rods wi..
From £39.50
Carbon Long Rod
These stabilizers continue to set the standard in value and quality. This range of stabilizers co..
From £18.50
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