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Scopes & Sight Accessories

Scopes & Sight Accessories
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Avalon Tec X Scope

The Avalon Tec X Scope is an excellent entry-level alloy scope system, complete with scope body, lens, 10/32 mounting bolt and screws. This makes for ..

£43.20 Ex Tax: £36.00

Decut Rainbow Scope

 The Rainbow scope form Decut is a high quality and clear scope availabe in 0.5(X4) and 0.75(X6) magnifications and in three bright colou..

£24.00 Ex Tax: £20.00

Shibuya Scope Body Only 29mm

A 29mm magnesium alloy scope housing, which is up to 30% lighter than similar aluminium housings. There are CNC machined cut outs in the housing to..

£98.20 Ex Tax: £81.83

Shibuya 29mm scope Set

The Shibuya 29mm Scope Set has unrivalled clarity and is unbelievably light.The lens is made by Nikon Vision Co. Ltd a world renowned optics m..

£198.00 Ex Tax: £165.00

Shibuya Lens 29mm

Super clear lens by nikon vision - Designed to fit the archer's needs. ..

£98.20 Ex Tax: £81.83

Viper Scope

Viper Scopes are fully CNC machined from 6061 T6 Aircraft Aluminum and feature a threaded Viper lens retainer for easy lens replacement. 2 feet of ..

£135.00 Ex Tax: £112.50

Viper Sunshade

Screws directly in to viper scope housing to help prevent reflections & glare on the lense in bright conditions. ..

£18.95 Ex Tax: £15.79

Shrewd Mini Magnum .29 Pin & Fibre - Shrewd or Zeiss Lens

Lens and sunshades can be attached either in the front or the back of the scope.Machined groove on the front of the scope body allows for fibe..

£176.00 Ex Tax: £146.67

Shrewd Mini Magnum Housing Only

Two part lens housing for 35mm and 42mm scope to accept 1.670" diameter lens.Both the 42mm and 35mm accept the same size lens.  This lens..

£87.68 Ex Tax: £73.07

Shrewd/Zeiss Lens Only

Lens in housing for 29mm Mini Magnum Scope.Plano convex magnesium flouride coated lens.  Lens encapsulated in a CNC machined aluminum ret..

£92.00 Ex Tax: £76.67

Alloy Xpert Scope with light stick

Nice, big scope and lens. Reversible for left or right hand. 10x32 thread. Approx 50mm diameter.The 4x Magnification is perfect for both indoo..

£26.50 Ex Tax: £22.08

Beiter 12mm Sight Apertures

A Fluoro pin may be inserted in the Inserts #13 (2.5) and #17 (1.5)A Scope pin may be inserted in Insert #17..

£1.45 Ex Tax: £1.21

Beiter 8mm Sight Apertures

A Fluor pin may be inserted in the Inserts #3 (2.5) and #7 (1.5) A Scope pin may be inserted in Insert #7..

£1.45 Ex Tax: £1.21

Beiter Flo Pin

A separate insert will be required to fit a Flo Pin..

£1.80 Ex Tax: £1.50

Circles and Dots for Scopes

Speciality Archery circles + dots decals are a selection of stickers for scope lenses, in a variety of different sized dots and circles. The packet..

£11.63 Ex Tax: £9.69

Stick On Dots And Circles - Orange

A selection of varying sizes of stick-on dots and circles for your scope lense, so you can customise your scope to suit your shooting needs. ..

£8.25 Ex Tax: £6.88

Stick on Dots and Circles Black

Product ID=100887Stock on dots and circles for use with a scope or sight pin.   ..

£5.25 Ex Tax: £4.38

2 x 3/4" sight screws

These longer screws are perfect for mounting magnetic clickers behind sight blocks...

£2.00 Ex Tax: £1.67