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Shibuya 29mm scope Set

Shibuya 29mm scope Set

The Shibuya 29mm Scope Set has unrivalled clarity and is unbelievably light.

The lens is made by Nikon Vision Co. Ltd a world renowned optics maker. Multi-coated non glare, ground and polished ophthalmic power lens is super clear, weather-proof, scratch resistant, multi-coated to reduce glare. It features a 29mm or 1.14" magnesium alloy scope housing, which is up to 30% lighter than similar aluminium housings. There are CNC machined cut outs in the housing to allow light in when in low light conditions, also creating a rattle proof connection to the 5-16" scope rod holder.

The Shibuya Scope is compatible with most target sights. The scope has a special contoured internal surface to reduce glare. Housing is equipped with a buffed, non-glare yellow scope bubble level.

The Shibuya Scope has a machined aluminium lens retainer ring. Fluorescent .029" fibre optic sight pin is installed. The fibre optic sight pin gathers and channels light so you can readily pick up your aiming point quickly and accurately. Coated lenses is available in +0.50 dioptre or 4 power magnification and +0.75 dioptre or 6 power magnification. The scope set weighs a mere 21.4 grams or 0.75 ounces mass weight.

Shibuya 29mm Scope

◾Unrivalled clarity of lens

◾Unbelievably light magnesium housing - 30% lighter than aluminium scopes

◾Nikon Vision lens

◾Super clear and scratch resistant lens

◾Multi-coated lens to reduce glare

◾Machined cut outs allow light in

◾Rattle proof connection to scope rod holder

◾Threaded housing and lens retaining ring

◾10/32" thread

◾Great for FITA, field and 3D

◾Compatible with all target sights

◾Non-glare yellow scope level installed

◾Machined aluminium lens retainer ring

◾Coated lenses available in +0.50 dioptre (4x) and +0.75 dioptre (6x)

◾Scope set weighs just 21.4 grams or 0.75 ounces

◾Installation instructions included

◾Made in Japan

A quality, visually powerful optic scope for those competitive archers who never accept low light conditions as an excuse for missing.

Shibuya 29mm Scope Set includes

◦10-32" x 20mm industrial strength titanium alloy stud

◦10-32" x 64mm stainless steel rod and hex nut

◦Shibuya a total of 8 reticles on one sheet for customisation of your scope with adhesive centering matrix

◦Shibuya splashproof scope cover

◦Nikon lens cloth

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