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Fuse Carbon Blade 10"
Product ID=106394 According to Fuse, "...provide ideal counterbalance while maintaining the ..
Hoyt Pro Series 8" Stabilzer
8 inches Proven Shock Rod Technology Increased accuracy while maintaining stealth..
Maximal 4 Max Field Stabiliser
Efficient and compact design Length - 4.5 Inches Weight - 3.85 ounces Threa..
Arctec pro-XXL Stabilizer Short For Compound Incl. Damper
High perfromance stabiliasation from Arctec of Germany. Pro-XXL stablisers are among the stiffest..
SF Elite Carbon Side Rod 10"
Short Rods sold individually Designed to minimize wind resistance Includes damper and end..
Arc Tec Crosstube Carbon Short Rod For Recurve
8" and 14" available to special order. Please email for details   Features Arctec Cr..
From £55.00
SF Ultimate Carbon Short Rod 10"
The Ultimate Pro stabilizers line uses a new carbon shaft that optimizes the absorption of bow vi..
From £31.95
Maximal Static Stabiliser 6" includes Dampers
This stabiliser is made from machined, durable alloy and features 4 built-in dampers to kill vibr..
Cartel Balkan Multi-rod 10"
Cartel Balkan aluminium carbon multi rod stabiliser with sliding adjustable centre sections for w..
Fuse Flex Blade 6.5" Stabiliser
Built on the backbone of Fuse's revolutionary Carbon Blade, the FlexBlade gives bowhunters a slee..
From £26.15
Carbon Short Rod 10"
Carbon Short Rod. A light weight short rod with damper included. N.B. Price is per rod &n..
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