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Shibuya Scope Body Only 29mm
A 29mm magnesium alloy scope housing, which is up to 30% lighter than similar aluminium housings...
Stick On Dots And Circles - Orange
A selection of varying sizes of stick-on dots and circles for your scope lense, so you can custom..
Stick on Dots and Circles Black
Product ID=100887 Stock on dots and circles for use with a scope or sight pin.   ..
Viper Sunshade
Screws directly in to viper scope housing to help prevent reflections & glare on the lense in..
Beiter 8mm Sight Apertures
A Fluor pin may be inserted in the Inserts #3 (2.5) and #7 (1.5) A Scope pin may be inserted in I..
From £1.45
Beiter Flo Pin
A separate insert will be required to fit a Flo Pin ..
From £1.80
Shibuya Scope Fibre Post Kit
Fiber optic kit for the Shibuya 29mm scope. ..
Beiter 12mm  Sight Apertures
A Fluoro pin may be inserted in the Inserts #13 (2.5) and #17 (1.5)A Scope pin may be inserted in..
From £1.45
Hoyt/Fuse Sight Light
The FUSE LED Sight Lite mounts directly to the top of the sight housing, casting a tremendous amo..
Shibuya Fibre Optic Only
Product ID=100675 ..
From £2.95
Radical Peep Sight Spare Rubber
2 x 3/4" sight screws
These longer screws are perfect for mounting magnetic clickers behind sight blocks. ..
Shibuya Lens 29mm
Super clear lens by nikon vision - Designed to fit the archer's needs. ..
SF Premium Accessory Bag
(bag only - accessories not included) Compact design & neat storage rooms for small acces..
From £12.50
Cartel Padded Sight Bag
Cartel 201 Sight Bag measures 298mm long x 178mm high or 11.75" x 7". Bag has a full zipper c..
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