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Arc Tec Crosstube Extender 4"
Features Arctec Crosstube stabilizers: Three carbon layers using cross development techno..
Cartel Carbon Extender
Cartel carbon stabilizer extender available in several length's accepting all 5/16" stabilizers e..
From £9.50
Doinker A Bomb
The A-Bomb is an excellent addition to your v-bar or stabiliser setup, helping reduce vibrations ..
Easton Cap or Mid-weight
From £6.50
Flex 3/4" Ball Damper
Our Flex Ball damper is not a typical damper device. Our design is the most advanced on the marke..
From £6.95
Flex Base Weight
DAMPSTERS weights are a new and fresh way to see archery : in colours. Manufactured in high densi..
From £4.95
Flex Montera Limb Saver/Damper - Self Adhesive
All new for 2015, our universal active damper is  improved in materials and design. Montera ..
Maximal Hush Kit
The maximal hush kit is a must for removing vibration and noise from your compound bow. With mult..
From £9.95
Saunders - String Silencer Strips
Easily installed, advanced lightweight, rubber string silencers designed to reduce vibra..
Shrewd Revel Carbon Extender 4''
Extender from Shrewd. Key features: Super thin diameter combined with maximum ri..
Sims Alpha Shock For Split Limbs
Alpha shocks provide unbelievable dampening on your split limbs, with specially designed fins whi..
Sims Broadband Self Adhesive Limbsaver
There is no bow dampening product on the planet that can compare to the Broadband LimbSaver. ..
From £17.40
Sure-Loc Sight Saver
As seen at the 2016 Rio Olympics, this specially designed damper fits nearly all modern sight ext..
Cartel Damper Incl. Weight
Damper is 85mm or 3.35" long overall, weighs 77.5 grams or 2.7 oz, has a black main body with a b..
Fuse String Shox - Pair
String silencer which is standard on all Hoyt compond bows. Easily fitted to the string and reduc..
SF Ultimate Carbon Extender 3"-4"
SF's top of the range stabilizers make use of carbon & kevlar in the manufacture of the centr..
From £24.95
Stainless Steel Base Weight
Chrome base weight for all 1/4" stabilisers. Will fit Beiter, Easton, W&W, Cartel etc.Can als..
Stainless Steel Cap Weight
Chrome end cap weight for all 1/4" stabilizers. Will fit Beiter, Easton, W&W, Cartel etc ... ..
Stainless Steel Mid Weight
Product ID=100914 1/4" thread ..
From £4.05
Fivics V Zero Damper
Fuse Carbon Blade Reinforced Extender 4"
Carbon Blade reinforced extensions allow custom balancing of V-Bar systems. Designed to reduce th..
From £45.00
PSE String Chubs
•Specially formulated elastomer •Asymmetrical design The asymmetrical design of the Archery Strin..
From £5.95
Sims Vibration Stabilizer S-Coil 4.5
How can you be assured of getting the most for your money? Simple. Stick with Sims LimbSaver. ..
Sims String Leech
Designed for absolute performance, the String Leech delivers maximum reduction of string noise wi..
Black Sheep/Cartel Quick Disconnect
Quick Detach is placed between the stabiliser and the bow or V-Bar and allows the archer to attac..
Sims Mini/Accessory Limb Savers
Product ID=100370 The Mini LimbSaver is Simms smallest vibration dampener designed for all a..
Sims Recurve Limb Savers
Product ID=100369 Designed for the narrower limbs of recurve and youth bows, the Recurve / A..
Maximal Static Stabiliser 6" includes Dampers
This stabiliser is made from machined, durable alloy and features 4 built-in dampers to kill vibr..
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