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String Materials and Tools

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Fast Flight Plus 1/4lb
World's most demanded bowstring material. Minimal creep with superior strength and durability. Br..
From £39.25
8125G 1/8lb Spool Coloured
8125G 1/8lb Spool Coloured ..
From £27.95
Dacron B50 1/4lb
B50 Dacron 1/4 lbs spolls offer synthetic superiority with excellent abrasion resistance, durabil..
From £10.95
BCY Serving Thread Halo
BCY Serving Halo .019 ..
Brownell Serving  #1-D 0.019
Brownell #1-D has a Three-Ply high twist construction. It creates a rounder serving to allow wrap..
From £14.90
Brownell Diamond Back serving
Features - > For Fast Flight serving > Unique braided Hmpe and polyester construct..
From £17.50
Soft Twist Serving No. 4
Standard serving suitable for most applications ..
From £4.95
Sealtite Wax
Specifically developed for high performance strings. ..
A synthetic wax, designed for archery and good for maintaining bowstrings ..
Beiter Serving Tool
Product ID=101424 The Beiter winder was developed in several years of testing. One of the ai..
Beiter Distance Holder
Cartel String Server Tri- Hole
Product ID=101421 With bigger access holes, and indicator arrows to guide your threading, th..
Beiter String Alignment Gauge
Product ID=102733   Size Useon Min.limb width ..
From £5.60
Tru Nok Standard With Peep Aligner
T.R.U's No.1 Best-Seller!!! > First aluminium loop to receive a patent > No need t..
From £13.90
Tru Speed Loop
Product ID=101441 > Won't let rope loop pinch your nock > CNC-machined of high grade..
From £13.90
Tru Speed Nock
Product ID=101442 > Weighs the same as a brass nock > CNC-machined of high grade air..
Brownells Braided String for D Loop
A Strong braided string made especially making a D loop for release shooting approx. 1 metre long..
Nock Sets
Product ID=101437 Price per pack of 4 ..
From £1.00
Hot Shot Kiss Of Death
The Hot Shot Kiss of Death is nothing short of the best kisser button on the market. Period. Its ..
From £4.36
Flex Kisser Button - Large
A 'Kisser Button' is a small plastic disc attached to the bowstring. It is positioned on the bows..
From £1.90
Flex Kisser Button - Small - Black
A 'Kisser Button' is a small plastic disc attached to the bowstring. It is positioned on the bows..
Finger Protector for bowstrings
Product ID=101440 Finger Guard 4 pack ..
String Keeper
Product ID=101816 Genuine suede leather and elastic construction combine in a functional str..
Flex Anti-Twist String Keeper
Pack of 6 (colours may vary) ..
Saunders Bow Tip Protector
Product ID=101821 This tough, durable cover protects the lower limb and secures bow string l..
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