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3 Bow Family Essential Kit

OUT OF STOCK 3 Bow Family Essential Kit

This great value 3 bow kit, includes everything needed to get the whole family started in archery! Featuring one wooden trainer bow with an excellent wooden riser that allows for the changing of limbs should you choose to increase or decrease your draw weight, and mounting holes for sights and stabilisers. Also included is the fantastic fibreglass bow, which is abidextrous and allows anyone to use them regardless of their dominant hand or eye. Also as part of this kit is the excellent scout junior compound, which is a great beginner bow for that smaller archer.

Also as part of this kit you recieve a strong and durable eleven foam target and a 60cm fita approved target face.

Kit includes:
-> 1 x Adult Trainer Bow with Trainer limbs (limb and handle colours may vary) including dacron bow string
-> 1 x Junior/Youth Compound Kit including, 2 arrows, armguard, quiver and finger tab.
-> 1 x 51" (fibreglass) Bow Kit including bow string, quiver and 2 arrows
-> 2 x Hunter arrow rests
-> 12  x Arrows (a selection of lengths, maximum 30") 6 wood & 6 fibreglass
-> 2 x Armguard (velcro vented)
-> 2 x Finger Tabs
-> 2 x Quivers
-> 1 x Cartel Atom/Avalon Tyro Bow Sight
-> 1 x Bow Stringer
-> Foam Starter Target 80x80x7 with Feet
-> 1 x 60cm Target Face
-> 4 x Target Pins
-> User/Safety Guide


Target Set
With/Without TargetWith Target

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