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Hoyt GP Alero Riser

PLEASE NOTE - RISERS EXPECTED TO BE AVAILABLE EARLY FEBRUARY 2018New Grand Prix fitting riser from HoytGreat performance and technology at a lower pri..

£329.00 Ex Tax: £274.17

Gray Archery AIX Riser

PLEASE NOTE - All Gray risers have a main colour of anodised grey, with the option colour referring to the accents ONLY.Gray Archery AIX Handle 201..

£646.00 Ex Tax: £538.33

Gray Archery Dampener Bridge

The GRAY AIX  riser allows for the addition of the bolt on DampBridge technology  which will not only changes the stiffness characteristic..

£102.00 Ex Tax: £85.00

Hoyt Satori Riser

Trusted Earl Hoyt geometry. Adjustable shelf module for tuneable centreshot combined with simple, traditional style off the shelf shootin..

£339.00 Ex Tax: £282.50

MK Archery BETA 25" Riser

MK Archery BETA Riser - 25" ILF AND Formula fitting riser from MK Korea. Material: 7075 AluminiumWeight: 1320g Key features:MK's dual fitt..

£744.00 Ex Tax: £620.00

Win & Win Wiawis TFT Riser

Win & Win Wiawis TFT 25'' RiserInternational limb fit, carbon riser from Win&Win.Key features: Carbon riser design. Inte..

£610.00 Ex Tax: £508.33

Winners Premium-Alpha Riser

Lightweight design that is easy to handle.Ideal for ambitious beginner or intermediate archers.Full range of tuning features for the best..

£128.00 Ex Tax: £106.67

WNS Forged Elite-Alpha Riser

High-specification aluminium riser.Rigid and lightweight design.Great weight distribution.25" and 23" models available. ..

£196.00 Ex Tax: £163.33

Wooden Takedown Riser

Laminated hardwood recurve riser. Cushion plunger insert and sight mounting bushings for easy installation. This riser is an excellent entry into a..

£31.00 Ex Tax: £25.83

Petron Ambidextrous Riser

Petron S3 Shoot-Through Ambidextrous RiserPopular choice amongst clubs and beginner courses. Suitable for both right and left handed use..

£42.00 Ex Tax: £35.00

Win & Win Inno CXT

Carbon material for vibration reduction.Design minimizes the unnecessary limb movement from the archer’s release making for an extremely stable shot.O..

£568.00 Ex Tax: £473.33

Pro-Style Metal Riser

The Core Pro Metal recurve bow takes over where the Prostyle left off. It is ideal for any new archer. It looks great with its 24" die cast riser a..

£35.00 Ex Tax: £29.17

KAP T-Rex Riser

KAP T-Rex Riser - 23"Excellent entry level riser for intermediate archers looking to move up from a wooden trainer bow or beginners looking to..

£61.00 £51.85 Ex Tax: £43.21

KAP Challenger Riser

KAP Challenger 23" Handle with Rest & ButtonUsing the finest materials and ILF adjustable limb pocket system - Perfect for beginners! Due to it..

£61.00 Ex Tax: £50.83

Core Air Riser

The Air by Core is a lightweight magnesium alloy ILF riser, compatible with all ILF limbs. The premium choice for beginner to intermediate shooters..

£57.00 Ex Tax: £47.50

Krossen Xenia Riser

The new Xenia from Krossen Archery brings a competitive edge to the market. Considering it's price point the Xenia boasts attractive looks, a comfo..

£79.00 Ex Tax: £65.83

Ragim Black Buffalo Riser

A take down handle made with hard maple woods. Riser is 19” long and accepts all the ILF limbs, as it has ILF international limb fittings, lateral ..

£89.00 Ex Tax: £74.17

Hoyt Formula Excel Riser

Hoyt Formula Excel Available in high-quality paint finishes, the Formula Excel features Hoyt standard limb bolts and standard grip along with a sim..

£230.00 £161.00 Ex Tax: £134.17

Hoyt Formula Faktor Riser

Hoyt Formula Faktor 25''Formula fitting recurve riser from Hoyt. All great success boils down to one key Faktor - introducing the most hi..

£599.00 Ex Tax: £499.17

SF Forged+ Riser 23''

SF Forged + 23" Riser - with rest and button23" Riser ONLYThe association of computer-aided design with forges techniques and digitally controlled ..

£230.00 £184.00 Ex Tax: £153.33

Winners FC-100 Carbon Recurve Riser

Recurve riser from Winners.Key features: Light weight design for ease of handling. Designed around two carbon frames for maximum..

£359.00 Ex Tax: £299.17

Hoyt Grand Prix Epik Riser

Grand Prix/ International limb fitting recurve riser from Hoyt.The next Epik advancement in the Hoyt Grand Prix Series.Key features:..

£549.00 Ex Tax: £457.50

Win & Win Wiawis Nano Max Riser

The 2015 Wiawis Nano Max riser has been developed by Win & Win’s carbon technology. This riser absorbs shocks perfectly and minimizes unnecessary ..

£599.00 Ex Tax: £499.17

Hoyt Tiller Bolts PR 2012

This new design of tiller bolt features a floating head which allows the bezel to give full contact with the limb surface no matter what the tiller..

£43.87 Ex Tax: £36.56

Win & Win Grip Maker

If you are not happy with your standard recurve grip you can modify it using this two part epoxy putty. Just enough for most archers to modify..

£5.95 Ex Tax: £4.96