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Core Prelude

Core Prelude Recurve LimbsAn excellent entry level limb choice constructed of wood and fibreglass. Features a wide range of poundages and sizes to ..

£59.00 Ex Tax: £49.17

Hoyt Formula Carbon Velos

Designed to fit on Formula-fitting recurve riser.Please note poundages are available from 22-26lb & 46-50lb as special orders from our suppliers, ..

£705.25 Ex Tax: £587.71

Hoyt Grand Prix Carbon Integra Limbs

Recurve limbs from Hoyt. Key features: Classic Grand Prix fitting for wide compatibility.Slimmer design for speed, stability and a forgiving shotCom..

£360.00 Ex Tax: £300.00

Hoyt Grand Prix Carbon Velos

Designed to fit Grand Prix and ILF fitting risersPlease note additional poundages are available as special orders from our suppliers, please contact u..

£705.25 Ex Tax: £587.71

Hoyt Satori Traditional Limbs

International fitting limbs from Hoyt.Please note additional colours/lengths/weights are available as Special Orders from our suppliers, so pleas..

£335.11 Ex Tax: £279.26

Hoyt Xakt Limbs

Please get in touch before placing an order if you wish to check availability. Carbon/Wood construction..

£228.00 Ex Tax: £190.00

Samick Discovery 62'' Limbs

These 62'' ILF Limbs from Samick are smooth and forgiving. Ideal for the Samick Discovery Handle but also compatible with other ILF Risers. Availabl..

£113.00 Ex Tax: £94.17

Samick Sage Limbs

- Material: Hard maple with black fiberglass - Max draw length: 28"...

£42.50 Ex Tax: £35.42

Sebastien Flute NEO Wood Limbs

A great entry level limb in various compositions to suit the demand and price of the archerILF International fitting.Three length options availabl..

£118.80 Ex Tax: £99.00

Win & Win Wiawis NS Foam

Exceptional tensile strength graphene core limbs. Improved stability. Glossy front side and matte back side to reduce glare. ..

£573.00 Ex Tax: £477.50

Win & Win Wiawis NS Wood

Wood core/Hi Modulus Carbon Profile optimised for stability.Unidirectional wood grain.Clean and stable shot.\Gloss finish.ILF fitting for wide c..

£574.00 Ex Tax: £478.33

Trainer Limbs - Adult

Product ID=100154Laminated recurve limbs made to enter the world of archery. These limbs are impervious to heat, cold or moisture. Longshot/C..

£36.00 Ex Tax: £30.00

Trainer Limbs - Junior 58"

Takedown Trainer Limbs - Junior 58"Laminated wood recurve limbs made to enter the world of archery safely. These limbs are impervious to heat, cold..

£33.95 Ex Tax: £28.29

WNS FC-100 Carbon Limbs

Winners FC-100 Carbon LimbsPLEASE NOTE - 42LB LIMBS ONLY AVAILABLE IN 66'' AND 68''.International fitting limbs from Winners.Key features..

£329.00 Ex Tax: £274.17

Win & Win Inno Ex Prime

Utilising WIN&WIN’s N-composite carbon nano technology, the structure of INNO EX PRIME limbs is significantly stronger, right down to its molec..

£504.00 Ex Tax: £420.00

Win & Win Inno Ex Power

The carbon outer structure of INNO EX POWER limbs is created with N-composite carbon nano technology. This is an adjustment at the molecular level ..

£504.00 Ex Tax: £420.00