Traditional and Field Bows

Traditional and Field Bows
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BuckTrail Bighorn 60'' Recurve Bow

An ideal choice for a field/barebow. Made with a laminated design and finished with clear fiberglass to give a very attractive look at a very affordab..

£155.00 Ex Tax: £129.17

BuckTrail Cougar 62''

An excellent entry level takedown recurve bow for the barebow shooter. This bow can be shot off the shelf or with a stick-on arrow rest. Made from ..

£150.82 Ex Tax: £125.68

Fairbow Sentinel English Longbow

Fairbow Sentinel Standard English LongbowThe Sentinel by Fairbow is an English longbow. This pure English longbow features a design similar to medi..

£175.00 Ex Tax: £145.83

Hoyt Satori Riser

Trusted Earl Hoyt geometry. Adjustable shelf module for tuneable centreshot combined with simple, traditional style off the shelf shootin..

£389.00 Ex Tax: £324.17

Oak Ridge Flatbow 68''

The Oak Ridge 68'' Flatbow is an excellent entry/intermediate flatbow for any barebow/traditional archery lover. The black fibreglass gives a sleek an..

£109.00 Ex Tax: £90.83

Samick Devastator 62''

Compact 62" takedown recurve bow.Attractive design in hickory, rosewood and maple hardwood veneers.Maple hardwood core limbs with clear fiberglas..

£285.00 Ex Tax: £237.50

Bear Fieldbow Super Grizzly

Bear Fieldbow Super Grizzly - Black Dymondwood with red accent stripeThe Bear Super Grizzly is the Grizzly's big brother, featuring:Includes u..

£526.00 Ex Tax: £438.33

Bear Fieldbow Grizzly

Bear Fieldbow Grizzly - DymondwoodThe Bear Grizzly is a legendary bow that has been proving itself since 1950. To this day, it’s a highly valued pa..

£415.00 Ex Tax: £345.83

Bickerstaffe Flatbow - Osage

Bickerstaffe Flatbow - Hickory, Purpleheart and OsageThis Bickerstaffe Flatbow is Hickory backed with a Purpleheart core and osage belly. Sewn grip..

£450.00 Ex Tax: £375.00

Bickerstaffe Deluxe English Longbow

The Bickerstaffe Deluxe English Longbow is a very attractive longbow and perfect for any archer wanting a good solid longbow. These deluxe longbows..

£450.00 Ex Tax: £375.00

Bickerstaffe Flatbow - Lemonwood

Bickerstaffe Flatbow - Hickory, Purpleheart and LemonwoodHickory backed with a purpleheart or pau morello core and lemonwood belly. ..

£355.00 Ex Tax: £295.83

Bickerstaffe Basic English Longbow

A very attractive Hickory Backed Lemonwood longbow and perfect for any archer wanting a good solid longbow. These basic longbow..

£339.00 Ex Tax: £282.50

Falco Traditional Flat Bow

Falco Traditional Flat Bow Triumph Vintage Palisander/Bubinga 68"Includes user/safety guide.Supplied with double looped laid in bow string. Th..

£318.00 Ex Tax: £265.00

Fairbow Katsa

Fairbow Katsa Persian Style Bow - 52''The new and highly Attractive Katsa Red by Fairbow. It features: Handcrafted design based on ancient ..

£235.00 Ex Tax: £195.83

Samick SHT 60" Takedown Bow


£165.00 Ex Tax: £137.50

Ragim Black Bear Bow 58"

Black Bear is a one piece recurve bow designed to offer quality and performance at an excellent price. This bow is made with exotic red wood and bl..

£148.00 Ex Tax: £123.33

Ragim Impala

Ragim Impala Takedown Bow 62"A sturdy and efficient take-down bow to start in the world of traditional bows, composed by a laminated riser and blac..

£121.00 Ex Tax: £100.83

Buck Trail Antelope 60"

The Bucktrail Antelope 60" one piece recurve makes an ideal field, barebow or recreational bow. The bow is constructed from multiple wooden laminat..

£155.00 Ex Tax: £129.17

Buck Trail Black Hawk

This traditional American Flatbow from Buck Trail makes an ideal field, barebow or recreational bow. The bow is constructed from multiple wooden la..

£118.00 Ex Tax: £98.33

Ragim Taiga 48"

Taiga is a one piece bow inspired by oriental style and design. This bow is ideal for the archers looking for speed and lightness, composed by waln..

£99.00 Ex Tax: £82.50

Scythian 2 Horse Bow

Scythian 2 Horse Bow with bow bagThe Scythian 2 is a 48" Horse Bow for archers with a short draw, allowing shorter or younger archers to enjoy the ..

£78.00 Ex Tax: £65.00

Rexbow Eagle Flat Bow 58"

Includes user/safety guide.Low poundage Flatbow, available left and right handed, great budget option for those just looking to get started in..

£78.00 Ex Tax: £65.00

Longbow Marksman (LARPS)

Includes user/safety guide.Less than 30lb draw weight, available left or right handed. Suitable for LARPS (Live Action Role Play), Reenactment..

£61.00 Ex Tax: £50.83