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Choosing your correct arrow

When participating in archery it is important that you are using the correct arrow. Arrows can be made of many different materials however as a beginner your main consideration to start with should be ensuring you have an arrow that suits your draw length. Use the guide below to help choose the correct arrow.

To find out your approx. draw length hold a tape measure in your bow hand and then pull (draw) the tape measure as you would a bow string to the corner of your mouth. Make sure you are standing as if you were going to shoot and that your bow arm is out straight and the elbow of the arm you are holding the string with is kept high and in-line with your bow arm.

Watch this demonstration video of how to measure your draw length.


Additonal length

Now you have an idea of you draw length, we advise you add approx 2" to your measurement to get your arrow length, this is for personal safety as it can

be very dangerous to shoot with an arrow too short.

To work out the correct spine for your arrows at your draw length, use these charts , or contact us for more information.



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