Club Kit 4B SF Forged+ Archery Set with 23" Riser

Club Kit 4B SF Forged+ Archery Set with 23" Riser

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This kit is designed for an intermediate/advanced archer wanting a kit containing top quality equipment. The combination of computer-aided design and digitally controlled machinery have resulted in this rigid, lightweight and high-performance Forged+ riser. This is a great intermediate/advanced bow which we offer with a choice of limbs to suit any budget and all the accessories you will need.

Handle length 23"

Kit Includes:
-> SF Forged+ Riser RH/LH
-> X-String two tone bow string with nock points (colour matched to bow)
-> 8 Easton XX75 arrows
-> Cartel K Championship Sight
-> Pressure button
-> Flipper arrow rest
-> Armguard
-> Decut Anchor tab
-> Bow stringer end to end type
-> Krossen Hyper 3 Tube quiver with webbing belt
-> Carbon long rod
-> Legend Streamline Backpack
-> Avalon silver Bow Stand
-> User/safety guide


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With/Without Target Without Target
Limb Fitting
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