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Finding Your Dominant Eye

This is really important as it determines whether you need a right handed or left handed bow!

  1. Hold your hands at arm's length out in front of you. Your palms should be pointing forward - in other words, you should be looking at the backs of your hands.

  2. Make a "triangle." Extend both of your thumbs so that they're roughly perpendicular to the rest of the hand. Overlap your hands so that the space between makes a triangle. Your two thumbs should be at the bottom of the triangle, while the edge and index finger of each hand form the two remaining sides. The triangle space between your hands acts as a viewing window - you should be able to clearly see objects through it.
  3. Look at an object through the triangle hole made by your hands with both eyes open. Find a nearby object that's small enough (or far enough away) that you can see the whole object through the viewing window between your hands.

  4. Focus on the object. Try to focus your eyes on the object between your hands - not your hands themselves. Your hands should become somewhat blurry, while the object remains clear and in-focus. It's important to line this object up directly in front of you and to stare straight at it - turning your head to either side can distort your results

  5. Slowly move your hands towards your face. Begin to draw your viewing window towards your face. As youdo so, keep your head perfectly still, but keep the object lined up in the hole between your hands. Don't lose sight of it.

  6. Draw your hands in until they touch your face – the triangle should end up over your dominant eye - Keeping the object lined up in the hole between your hands, continue drawing them all the way in until you can't any more. Take note of where your hands are - most people subconsciously move their hands towards one eye to keep the object in their line of sight. For example, if you find that your hands end up over your right eye, your right eye is dominant.


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