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Choosing Your Draw Weight

Choosing the correct draw weight is an important part of selecting the correct bow. If your bow is too heavy you may not be able to pull it back and this will limit your enjoyment of the sport, our advice at Archery World would be too start off with a lighter bow you know you will be able to manage comfortably.
There is no set way of finding your draw weight, the best way is to try a few different weights out either at our Preston showroom or at your local club.
Here is a rough guide:
Light Limbs = 16-20#
Medium Limbs = 20-26#
Heavy Limbs = 28-32#
Which do you select?
It is safer to select a draw weight that is on the light side as this will most likely cause less physical strain. This is especially important for juniors.
Ability to draw is determined firstly by technique and then by strength.
You may want to use the following as a rough guide:
Juniors = 16-24lb
Ladies = 16-28lb
Men  = 16-32lb
As technique and strength increase, it may be possible to increase your draw weight.
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