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For Youth Recurve Bows

The chart below is produced by the manufacturer and is internationally recognised,
but should only be used as a guide. If you require any further assistance, please call one of our technical staff
on 01772 698600.
To find your correct arrow type. 

Firstly, from the upper part of the chart, select your known arrow length from the row along the top, and then
select your known bow weight from the column on the right hand side. Make a note of the "Y" number
where your two selections meet.

Secondly, from the lower part of the chart, use your "Y" number to select your "Y number Group" and read off 
the "Size" column and "Model" column to locate desired arrow type (75 = Jazz)

Easton Youth Target Chart



Arrows Link Now you know your arrow spine click here to order your arrows!