SF/Winners Rebranding Information.


  • The SF Premium range is replaced with the Winners Premium-Alpha range and the SVT stabilizers
    Designed to be affordable and still provide performance an archer will not quickly outgrow, the Premium-Alpha is another great model for lighter poundages. The one-piece forged construction handle is available in 25" and a variety of colours. The Premium-A limbs are available in Fibre or Carbon/Wood and offer great value accuracy and consistency. The new SVT carbon stabilizers are a new addition to this series and offer optimal shock absorbency, a comfortable shot and a durable design.

  • The SF Elite range is replaced with the Winners Elite-Alpha range, the SF 100 and 200 tabs, and the SMC stabilizers.
    The Forged Elite-Alpha handle is rigid, lightweight and high performance. Made also for higher poundages, the 23 and 25" riser comes in a range of colours and limbs are Carbon/Foam. The SMC stabilizer rods feature a variable thickness wall to transfer vibration away from the archer, providing highest level dampening. Please note that the SMC stabilizers are not a direct replacement for the Elite Stabilizers and have a rounded profile. The SF-200 and SF-100 tabs are highly adjustable competition tabs in a range of sizes.

Selected Win&Win items are also affected by this change.

A range of quality small accessories continue to be available under the new Winners brand, including bowstands, dampers and rests.