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Limbsaver by SVL

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Sims Alpha Shock For Split Limbs

Alpha shocks provide unbelievable dampening on your split limbs, with specially designed fins which move independantly to provide excellent dampeni..

£17.90 Ex Tax: £14.92

Sims Broadband Self Adhesive Limbsaver

There is no bow dampening product on the planet that can compare to the Broadband LimbSaver. Superior vibration and noise reduction for solid limb..

£14.95 Ex Tax: £12.46

Sims String Leech

Designed for absolute performance, the String Leech delivers maximum reduction of string noise with minimal to no speed loss. Incorporating a strin..

£9.10 Ex Tax: £7.58

Sims Mini/Accessory Limb Savers

Product ID=100370 The Mini LimbSaver is Simms smallest vibration dampener designed for all accessories including sights, rests, quivers, most ..

£11.95 Ex Tax: £9.96

Sims Recurve Limb Savers

Product ID=100369 Designed for the narrower limbs of recurve and youth bows, the Recurve / Accessory / Youth Bow LimbSaver is a mid-size vibra..

£12.00 Ex Tax: £10.00