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Longshot Barebow Finger Tab

Tab for use with three fingers under the arrowLeather faceElasticated finger loop with adjuster..

£6.12 Ex Tax: £5.10

Longshot Pro Fletching Jig

Top Quality Fletching jig at a competitive price: Made in UK Longshot Fletch Jig DetailsA sturdy machined metal jig A strong magnetic 5 inch clampFull..

£44.95 Ex Tax: £37.46

Longshot Tassel

Turned Wood Top and Woolly Tassel to clean your arrows on if you miss the targetColour - Green - (more colours coming soon)..

£13.75 Ex Tax: £11.46

Longshot Traditional Leather Belt Pouch

Quality Tan Leather Pouch.Ideal for Target and Field Archers..

£24.50 Ex Tax: £20.42

Longshot Traditional Leather Pocket Quiver

Do you put your arrows or X-bow bolts in your back pocket?If you do, this pocket quiver is the perfect answer and will stop you wearing holes in your ..

£21.96 Ex Tax: £18.30

Longshot Windsor Buckle On Armguard Ladies

For Ladies and Slimmer arms5.5 inchTop quality in Tan leather..

£12.75 Ex Tax: £10.63