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Petron Ambidextrous Kit

OUT OF STOCK Petron Ambidextrous Kit

Petron Ambidextrous Kit

Recommended For : Beginners
If you are new to the sport of archery then this kit features everything you need, an excellent ambidextrous metal trainer bow is perfect for anyone, regardless of whether you are right or left handed due to the excellent shoot-through design . This kit is ideal for those starting a beginners course or looking for a good quality kit for having some fun at home. Due to the riser being 19'', it uses longer limbs from our 66/68/70'' bows to create a shorter but smooth shooting bow. Also wtih this kit is an ambidextrous quiver, as well as two finger tabs, to make this kit fully ambidextrous.

Bow weights:
62" - 18 to 38lb
64" - 16 to 38lb
66" - 18 to 38lb
Kit Includes:

-> Petron S3 Ambidextrous Riser
-> Black Sheep/Core/KAP Limbs
-> Dacron bow string with nock points
-> Arrow Rest Fitted
-> 8 Alloy Jazz arrows (Maximum Jazz length is 32'')
-> Cartel Atom/Avalon Tyro Bow Sight
-> Armguard
-> 2x AW finger tab (1 left and 1 right hand)
-> Bow stringer
-> AW Economy Quiver
-> Take down case with arrow tube
-> User/safety guide


Target Set
With/Without TargetWithout Target
Limb Fitting
Limb FittingBolt-On

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