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Samick SHT Kit

Sale Samick SHT Kit

Samick SHT Traditional Bow Kit

The Samick SHT is popular traditional recurve bow, with a high quality wooden riser and reinforced wooden limbs to allow the use of a fastflight string. The SHT also features mounting holes for front-mounted stabilisers and sights. Also included are high quality hand fletched wooden arrows spined to your draw weight and high quality accessories to get you started in field archery.

Samick SHT Traditional Bow Kit Includes -

-> Samick SHT Takedown Bow with bow string and nock points
-> AW Black Bear Traditional Armguard
-> 6 Traditional Wood Arrows with 4" Feather Fletchings
-> Shooting Glove
-> 2 Arrow rests (one fitted)
-> Bow Stringer
-> Avalon 3 tube quiver
->Take down bow bag with arrow tube
-> User safety guide

Target Set
With/Without TargetWithout Target
Limb Fitting
Limb FittingBolt-On

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