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Shibuya V-Bar Recurve Caruno

Shibuya V-Bar Recurve Caruno

The Shibuya Caruno V-Bar is ultra light and has a mass weight roughly half that of conventional V-Bars, which enables the archer to attach more weights to the far ends of the stabilizers, making possible a setting that distributes wight away from the riser. Reducing the weight of the V-Bar opens the door for unlimited choice of stabilization systems and finer balance adjustment than ever before. The V-Bar only has a weight of 47gram (1.66oz).

All the necessary material to offer optimal durability has been shaved off, resulting in a beautiful, geometrically complex shape. Caruno V-Bar's attachment bolt uses a brand-new alloy that offers higher strength than the commonly used super-tough A7075. Precision CNC machining enabled us to realize this complex form, weighting only 1/3 of a conventional stainless steel V-Bar bolt.

The Caruno V-Bar includes a spanner for tightening the V-bar Bolt, enabling solid attachment without the slipping and turning involved with using a wrench.


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