Natur Foam 3D Target Repair Kit

Natur Foam 3D Target Repair Kit

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This target repair kit comes with three containers of repair fluid, 2 containers of part A, and one of part B.

To use the repair kit, cut away as much of the shot-out foam from your target as possible, and if you have a hole rght through the target, seal off one side with a plastic sheet or something similar, by stapling it to the target over the hole on one side so that there is a good seal and the minimum of foam can seep through. Now you need to mix together the two components, and the mix should be made up of one part chemical B, and two parts chemical A (bearing in mind that the foam will expand significantly while it is curing). Once you have thouroughly mixed the solution, pour it into the hole in the target and leave it overnight to set and expand. Once it has fully set, you can remove the plastic sheet (if you needed one), and cut away any excess foam, then if you wish paint over the target and it should be ready to shoot.

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