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Traditional and Field Bows

Traditional and Field Bows
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Buck Trail Antelope 2019

  Size : 60"- Weights: 25 Lbs to 60 Lbs (increasing by 5 Lbs)- Brace height: 8"- Wood specs riser.: walnut/d..

£128.00 Ex Tax: £106.67

Buck Trail Black Hawk 2019

RH 45lb In StockThe Blackhawk has been revamped for 2018, with an updated grip section for better comfort and hand position as well as looks. The Blac..

£114.00 Ex Tax: £95.00

BuckTrail Bighorn 60'' Recurve Bow

An ideal choice for a field/barebow. Made with a laminated design and finished with clear fiberglass to give a very attractive look at a very affordab..

£138.00 Ex Tax: £115.00

BuckTrail Cougar 62''

An excellent entry level takedown recurve bow for the barebow shooter. This bow can be shot off the shelf or with a stick-on arrow rest. Made from ..

£142.00 Ex Tax: £118.33

Fairbow Sentinel English Longbow

Fairbow Sentinel Standard English LongbowThe Sentinel by Fairbow is an English longbow. This pure English longbow features a design similar to medi..

£175.00 Ex Tax: £145.83

Oak Ridge Dymond 62"

One piece 62" hunting bow available from 25lbs to 50lbs (increasing by 5lbs)The weight range of this bow is 25lb to 50lbs, (5lb increases) Limbs: Map..

£120.00 Ex Tax: £100.00

Oak Ridge Flatbow Boga 68''

The Boga is a 68'' Flatbow with an ergonomic grip designed for maximum shooting comfort, and features an included flemsih twist string and attractive ..

£116.00 Ex Tax: £96.67

Oak Ridge Flatbow Ickory 68''

The Oak Ridge 68'' Flatbow is an excellent entry/intermediate flatbow for any barebow/traditional archery lover. The black fibreglass gives a sleek an..

£116.00 Ex Tax: £96.67

Oak Ridge Sada

Oak Ridge Horse Bow Key FeaturesRanges From 25# to 55#AMBIDEXTROUS All bows are now 52" Allowing for a larger draw at a higher poundage..

£105.00 Ex Tax: £87.50

Samick Discovery Complete Bow

This riser is made out of a single billet of 6061 aluminium that is CNC processed into it's final shape to ensure tight tolerances an..

£309.00 Ex Tax: £257.50

Samick Sage 62'' Takedown

A popular entry-level choice for barebow and field shooters due to it's great price and performance. The Sage features mounting holes for sights, a fr..

£83.00 Ex Tax: £69.17

White Feather Lark 19'' Riser

The White Feather Lark is a traditional style ILF recurve riser compatible with standard ILF limbs and is a great choice for a short and adaptable rec..

£150.00 Ex Tax: £125.00

White Feather Longspur 17'' Riser

A short aluminium ILF riser perfect for those wanting to easily create an adaptable ILF field bow or those who require a shorter bow length but don't ..

£138.44 Ex Tax: £115.37

Bear Fieldbow Super Grizzly

Bear Fieldbow Super Grizzly - Black Dymondwood with red accent stripeThe Bear Super Grizzly is the Grizzly's big brother, featuring:Includes u..

£427.00 Ex Tax: £355.83

Bear Fieldbow Grizzly

Bear Fieldbow Grizzly - DymondwoodThe Bear Grizzly is a legendary bow that has been proving itself since 1950. To this day, it’s a highly valued pa..

£342.00 Ex Tax: £285.00

Bickerstaffe Flatbow - Osage

Bickerstaffe Flatbow - Hickory, Purpleheart and OsageThis Bickerstaffe Flatbow is Hickory backed with a Purpleheart core and osage belly. Sewn grip..

£450.00 Ex Tax: £375.00

Bickerstaffe Deluxe English Longbow

The Bickerstaffe Deluxe English Longbow is a very attractive longbow and perfect for any archer wanting a good solid longbow. These deluxe longbows..

£450.00 Ex Tax: £375.00

Bickerstaffe Flatbow - Lemonwood

Bickerstaffe Flatbow - Hickory, Purpleheart and LemonwoodHickory backed with a purpleheart or pau morello core and lemonwood belly. ..

£355.00 Ex Tax: £295.83

Oak Ridge Ash Hybrid 62"

One piece 62" hybrid bow available from 25lbs to 60lbs increasing by 5lbs with a 7" brace height. The riser is made of dymond wood with maple limbs ..

£115.00 Ex Tax: £95.83

Bickerstaffe Basic English Longbow

A very attractive Hickory Backed Lemonwood longbow and perfect for any archer wanting a good solid longbow. These basic longbow..

£339.00 Ex Tax: £282.50

Falco Traditional Flat Bow

Falco Traditional Flat Bow Triumph Vintage Palisander/Bubinga 68"Includes user/safety guide.Supplied with double looped laid in bow string. Th..

£349.00 Ex Tax: £290.83

Fairbow Katsa

Fairbow Katsa Persian Style Bow - 52''The new and highly Attractive Katsa Red by Fairbow. It features: Handcrafted design based on ancient ..

£235.00 Ex Tax: £195.83

Ragim Black Bear Bow 58"

Black Bear is a one piece recurve bow designed to offer quality and performance at an excellent price. This bow is made with exotic red wood and bl..

£122.00 Ex Tax: £101.67

Ragim Impala

Ragim Impala Takedown Bow 62"A sturdy and efficient take-down bow to start in the world of traditional bows, composed by a laminated riser and blac..

£150.00 Ex Tax: £125.00

Ragim Taiga 48"

Taiga is a one piece bow inspired by oriental style and design. This bow is ideal for the archers looking for speed and lightness, composed by waln..

£99.00 Ex Tax: £82.50

Scythian 2 Horse Bow

Scythian 2 Horse Bow with bow bagThe Scythian 2 is a 48" Horse Bow for archers with a short draw, allowing shorter or younger archers to enjoy the ..

£79.00 Ex Tax: £65.83

Rexbow Eagle Flat Bow 58"

Includes user/safety guide.Low poundage Flatbow, available left and right handed, great budget option for those just looking to get started in..

£89.00 Ex Tax: £74.17

Longbow Marksman (LARPS)

Includes user/safety guide.Less than 30lb draw weight, available left or right handed. Suitable for LARPS (Live Action Role Play), Reenactment..

£69.00 Ex Tax: £57.50